Meet Clarice Jackson

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My approach to educational consulting combines my professional experience with my educational background in psychology; I am dedicated to holistic counseling students and families to promote academic success and personal wellness.

My passion for education started far before I embarked on this career journey. This dedication enabled me to surmount the access barriers of being a low-income foster youth, and I became the first student from my high school admitted to Yale University and received a full scholarship through QuestBridge. During high school, I also received academic mentorship through the UCLA VIP Scholars Program.

I graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My studies particularly focused on clinical psychology. As a student, I worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Yale Affect Regulation and Cognition Laboratory in the Department of Psychology, where I also completed my senior research project and literature reviews.

Prior to becoming an independent educational consultant, I was Assistant Director at the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where I evaluated and presented admissions candidates, counseled students and families on the admissions process, conducted information sessions, and led college essay-writing workshops. During Yale Admissions information sessions, I incorporated my psychology background and started the application advice section with having the audience take three deep breaths. My aim in this was to create an atmosphere of calm around what can otherwise be a very stressful topic.

I also currently serve as a College Advisor for first- and second-year undergraduate students at Yale University and provide holistic academic mentorship.

My experiences working as both a Yale Admissions Officer and Yale College Adviser helped me discover my passion for mentorship and working with students. This passion has led me to found Clarice Counseling LLC.

My specialties as an IECA Associate Member are: college advising, school advising, graduate school advising, international clients. Learn more about the advantages of working with an IECA Member

My other areas of expertise include holistic counseling all aspects of the college application process for US and international students: high school academics and extracurricular activities, school selection, essays, supplemental materials, testing, recommendation letters, and interviews. Other areas include writing, academic planning, resume development, and academic research.